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As I approach 65 I have given serious consideration to passing on the knowledge I have acquired. I do not believe a two week course with students of various skill levels will make a shoe or boot maker. I have decided to break down the components into a smaller and logical order.
There fore I will begin with a one week course on pattern making.

The pattern making class will  the basis for not only a shoe maker but fashion designers and costumers.

It will be a one week course in a working shoe shop where you will the full attention of myself and staff. You will learn to make patterns for court shoes, mary janes, cowboy boots, balmorals, mens dress shoes, fashion boots. These will not be design drawings but working patterns.
Students will be required to purchase Frank Jones Pattern making book (Pattern Cutting - Step by Step Patterns for Footwear: as well as provide in advance a foot tracing and measurements.

In the future we will offer shoe making class's on cutting and closing the upper and lasting and bottoming.

Cost of class is $1000.00

Class Outline for Pattern Making

Day 1
How to trace and measure a foot.
the purpose of measuring in a specific place.
Selecting a last as a starting point.
Building up the last to fit those specific points on the foot.
taping the last and construction of the mean form.
Using the mean form to make the standard.
Making a standard for a court shoe or slipper.
Making the individual pattern pieces for the standard.
Discuss the method of fitting and closing this style of shoe.

Day 2
Make a standard for an oxford type shoe.
make pattern pieces for basic oxford and alternates such a wing tips, cap toes, brouged shoe and various heel counter covers.
Make a standard for a gibson or derby type shoe.
Make patterns for a basic gibson and alternates wing tips, cap toes, Imperial outside facings.
Using the last to make patterns for insoles, sock liners and heel counters.

Day 3
Make a standard for 8 inch lace up boot.
Make patterns for boot and alternate such as 1/2 and full gusset tongue, internal heel counters external heel counters, back straps. folded top edges.
Make a standard and patterns for a balmoral type boot with alternates such as closed balmoral, open tab balmoral, back strap and toe caps.
Make shaft patterns for cowboy boots with alternate, flat tops collars, stitching, and overlays.
Begin to make standard for a high leg pull on riding boot.

Day 4
Make a pattern for an English riding boot and alternate motor patrol boot.
Make a mean form for a woman's last.
Make a standard for a high leg woman's pull on boot and alternate zipper boot.
Make patterns for for high leg woman's boots.

Day 5
Woman's shoes.
Make a standard and patterns for a Mary Jane.
Make a standard and patterns for a ghillie.
Examine and discuss embellishments for women's shoes based on the oxford and gibson shoes.

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